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It was located about 100 feet from the front door of the house. It was constructed of reclaimed lumber. It sat over a 6 foot deep hole dug through solid shale. It had a two seat sitting platform, one opening slightly larger than the other, because some of us were smaller than others. It was used by a family of nine people. It had to be moved to a new hole at least once a year.
I often have flashbacks about using this convenience when the temperature was below zero and the wind was blowing out of the north at 35 miles an hour. (The door faced North, by the way.) Everyone in the family would wait until someone else had used the outhouse early in the morning and had defrosted one of the openings.
The outhouse was particularly disgusting when you were sick and had to throw up. I would kneel on the floor with my head over one of the potty holes. I also remember watching flies circling while I blasted them with whatever I was expelling from my gut.
The only maintenance required on this facility was an occasional move and the dumping of copious quantities of lime to keep the stink and the flies down to a manageable level.
I remember when we finally installed an indoor facility and had to retire the two holer.
No one shed any tears.


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